Cecy Young - Interview - Innocent faces

I had the pleasure to study with Cecy in Paris and she is now one of my favorite young fashion photographers. I am convinced we will be seeing a lot of her work in the future and of course I hassled her for an interview.

Name: Cecy Young
Age: 24
Place: Paris/Mexico
Education: BA in Arts and Speos Paris Photographic Institute.

FD:Where have we seen your work?:
Cecy:Some magazines and blogs. 

FD:Where do you get your ideas from, what inspires?:
Cecy:Soap operas, 50s cinema, children stories, glitter, movie posters, girls, old comics about cheesy love, 70s colors, everything about nature, horror movies, impressionist paintings and art in general, the 90s television which is just brilliant.

FD:What's your normal process from idea to photograph?:
Cecy:Get a small idea, it can be anything either from a location I saw or a girl I like. Then, sit down and really plan it, make some notes and drawings, get some visual references from other sources. I make some scouting of the location depending on the idea. Then, I choose the colors, the makeup and the clothes along with a team of stylists and make up artist.

When I contact the model agency I try to be very specific about the type of girl I am looking for. I usually go for long hair, pretty mouth, innocent eyes. Depending on the mood I choose the type of lighting, usually if its not in studio its natural. And then the day of the shooting I always carry a small post-it around with the things I want to do so I don't get carried away with the scene and forget something.

After the shooting I have to let the pictures rest a little while before going through them. I do the selection based on the story. For the retouch I do (a lot) of tests of color depending on the idea I had. I create actions so all the pictures look the same way.

FD:How do you go about getting noticed in the giant city of Paris?:
Cecy:I don't know, how? Its not easy, but it also happens very randomly and sometimes its all about luck. I think that by going out and networking with the right people, people that are in the same field, publications, editors, MUAs, stylists, models… and trying to show your work around. Its more easy now because everyone goes on the internet. I once met a great stylist (and now good friend) through Craiglist. 

FD:What is your favorite frame that you have shot?:
Cecy:Its always a really old one or the newest one… currently is this one.        ---------------->
Its funny because I didn't saw that photo right away, it happened months after when I was going through my pictures and deleting some files to make space in my computer and I noticed that one, so I began to retouch it and play with the colors, and I really liked the final result.

FD:Where do you find your models?:
Cecy:I used to meet people and if I liked them I would ask them to pose for me, but now I only work with models from agencies, I get to select from different options.

FD:What is your proudest moment as a photographer?:
Cecy:When people I admire tell me that they like my work.

FD:What's the plan?:
Cecy:I expect to work better with the model, the light and the stories, and to be more disinhibited & show a stronger vision. 
Work in a personal exhibition, get an agent in France, and publish more in international magazines.

FD:I actually assisted at this shoot... I sat on a park bench and drank beer with Cecy's boyfriend... and occasionally carried equipment around the park. 
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