Byron Spencer - Interview - Fun and cool fashion

Byron Spencer is a new Frame Discovery favorite. It's been a while since I had so much fun browsing a young photographers website. The styling, use of color and the diversity keep you interested and wanting more.... so of course we have an interview!

Name: Byron spencer
Age: 25
Place: Sydney 
Education: high school and a musical theatre course! Haha.

Where have we seen your work?: 
Byron:I don't know that's hard! I have really focused heavily on party and street style photography in the past but am now making the transition into fashion, so it varies from so many different kinds of mediums! Hopefully you can see it in lots of places.

FD: Where do you seek your inspiration?:
Byron:I am inspired by a feeling... I'm inspired by music, film, by fashion, by a model, by a location. I don't really seek it, it just will come.

FD: What makes a good photo?:
Byron:A photographer who doesn't doubt his/her style. 

FD: The models, without exception, look so cool, do you pick the clothing and the style?: 
Byron:yea most of the time I style my own shoots, I really like choosing the styling I find the process fun and often the fashion I choose will inspire my shot.

FD: How do you stay on top what's going on in fashion?: 
Byron:I am a bit clueless with current trends,  but I know what I like and I have a lot of amazingly inspiring people around me.

FD: What's your favorite frame that you've shot?:
Byron:This one of Zippora Seven could be my favorite. We went down to bondi with the intention to shoot this shot but on the way got in a small car accident that led to fire engines, police, tow trucks and an oil spill. But we still went and fed the seagulls and got this!

FD: What is cool?: 

FD: What's the plan?:
Byron:To go with the flow. See what happens and keep on working...........and get rich.

 and of course you want to see more... then go to his website

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