Faye Sampson - Interview - Attitude and Cool

Name: Faye Sampson
Age: 21
Place: London
Education: University Graduate
Where have we seen your work?: Various fashion magazines (over twenty in 2011) including Slave, SÝN and AVA and online blogs including The Fashionisto and Ballad Of.

FD: Who are your favorite photographers?:
Faye: There are so many photographers who inspire me, we would be here for a very long time if I was to mention all of them! I recently discovered the work of Bruno Dayan and I fell in love instantly, I actually found myself squealing in awe at the skill and beauty behind each shot. Melissa Rodwell is a long-time favorite of mine. Not only does she create breathtaking images, but her blog tells the truth about the industry and the good and bad experiences she has, rather than painting a picture of perfection. She is always true to herself, focusing solely on the shoot and the images rather than getting caught up in the glamour of the fashion world. She is a huge inspiration to me.

FD: What makes a good photo?:
Faye: I love photos which emote, I want to look at an image and feel something. When a picture evokes an emotion in me I consider it to be a good image.

FD: How do you stay on top of what going on in fashion?:
Faye: I read fashion magazines and obsessively check fashion blogs. I have regular meetings with my creative teams (stylists etc.) to discuss the current trends and to throw around ideas on how we can integrate these into our shoots.

FD: It has been a male sport for decades... do you think the girls are taking over fashion photography?:
Faye: I would love to simply say “yes”, but the truth is we still have a long way to go! I think that girls still have a harder time getting the male-dominant industry to trust us, which is especially the case for young female photographers. I can see a day where females are equally as prominent in the industry, but I feel that it’s going to be a gradual change.

FD: What is your favorite frame that you have shot?:
Faye: I really like the shot below from my editorial “Red Herring”. The original idea behind the shoot was “Little Red Riding Hood gone wrong”, so I knew I wanted to have two models in sweet little dresses and capes, but I wanted the viewer to feel that something about the girl’s behavior was not so sweet, that they had an almost twisted side to their personalities. The shoot was just so much fun, both models were amazing and we all had a great time, despite the cold, drizzly November weather! The shot below was particularly fun to shoot; we were all suppressing laughs as the MUA threw berries over the models. I like the broken feel of the girls given off by the positioning of their limbs, it definitely fits the twisted red riding hood feel in my mind.
FD: What's the plan, the goal.... the dream?:
Faye: I am a massive dreamer but I like to take things one step at a time, so for the meantime I’ll simply say that I wish to be a respected, established fashion photographer.
I bet you want to see more... then go to her website here!


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