Yougo Jeberg - Interview - Honest grit

It's time to take a little trip away from the glossy photos of fashion weeks latest trends and enjoy the gritty, raw reality of Yuogo Jeberg's photography. There is nothing fake going on here, his photos portray freedom and cool in such an honest way.

Name: Yougo Jeberg
Age: 20-ish
Place: New York - Paris
Education: Graphic Design degree
Where have we seen your work?: On the internet or magazines.

FD:Where do you seek inspiration and ideas for your photography?:
Yougo:Life, friends, parties, ugliness, girls, boys, death, fog, youth, things that people are afraid to do or say

FD:Who are your favorite photographers?:
Yuogo:Garry Winongrand

FD:How do you stay on top of what going on in photography?:
Yougo:I use old and cheap cameras, I dont think I'm on top of what is going on in photography.

FD:Your photos are very gritty and real but are still beautiful and fashionable, would you consider yourself a fashion photographer?:
Yougo:Of course I'm not, maybe it's why some people from the fashion industry like my photos because it's different and because I don't care about fashion.

FD:What is your favorite frame that you have shot?:
Yougo:I'm not satisfied of my photos for the moment, I always want something crazier. But recently I had a shoot with Marcel Castenmiller, and I'm really happy about the photos.
I was supposed to shoot him in 20 minutes, but we got along really well so I stayed longer and had the opportunity to talk with him about stuff we both like.
It's those kind of moments that I cherish in photography. The cover of my facebook page is a photo of him I like 

FD:What's the plan, the goal.... the dream?:
Yougo:Continue my adventure, meeting people, sharing joy, taking photos for fashion magazines and brands.


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