Sarah Sitkin-Interview-Funny, disturbing and starry portraits

Name: Sarah Sitkin
Age: 28
Place: Los Angeles, California
Education: University of Trial and Error (still studying)

FD:Where have we seen your work?:
Sarah:I feel like I have been working 'underground' for a very long time. I am hardly published in printed media and I haven't been exhibited in a gallery in many years. I attribute my lack of exposure to my fear of failure/success- and my completely passive stance to exhibiting my work. It is very hard to be both the artist and the salesman. I have been trying recently to break my ways by taking the initiative to promote my work more, and open myself up for feedback. 

FD:Why do you choose to express yourself through photography?:
Sarah:I find using reality as a medium to be endlessly interesting and limitless. I started painting as a teenager, and when I got to my 20's I was frustrated with my inability to render things with the depth and accuracy as they appeared in my mind's eye. So I started building installations and constructing sets, using the camera to capture the scene I was seeing in my imagination.

FD:Where do you get your inspiration from?:
Sarah:Music is the biggest inspiration for me. When a I hear music that harmonizes with me, I can't help but fall into a trance... A sort of vivid daydream that takes over. That's where my ideas come from.

FD:What kind of music?:
Sarah:I love so many different kinds of music - from romanian folk songs to classical to breakcore. It's really just too hard to pinpoint any specific artists.

FD:What is your favorite frame that you have shot?:
Sarah:I particularly like this photo here. I was working in a model shop at the time, surrounded by dollhouse stuff. It was spilling out into my dreams. I like how it came out. And it was a great night.

FD:What makes a good photo?:
Sarah:When it's REAL!  When all the little flaws are still there hiding in the shadows. When a photograph has the humility and courage to expose the facade. The translucent strings of a puppet, the look of daft insecurity in a beautiful girl's eyes, the tiny rip in the backdrop, the zip ties and super glue just creeping from under the mask, the distant piece of garbage on a seemingly flawless alien landscape.

I just had to include the amazing album cover she did for one of John Frusciante's solo albums.
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