Ryan Handy - Interview - Pastel fashion etc.

Name: Ryan Handy
Age: 22
Place: Worcester, UK
Education: I got trained up by a professional portrait photographer from the age of 17. I didn't go to college or university.
Where have we seen your work?: Online mainly! Tantrum Magazine issue 1,2 and soon to be 3. Dot Dot Dot Magazine and The Creative Book a few times. 

FD:Where do you seek inspiration and ideas for your photography?: Ryan:Old fashion photos from the 50's and 60's, magazines like Papercut Magazine, other photographers like Damon Baker and Lara Jade, films and beautiful locations!

FD:Who are your favorite photographers?:
Ryan:That's hard! Patrick Demarchelier, Damon Baker, Steven Meisel and Lara Jade to name a few.

FD:How do you stay on top of what going on in fashion?:
Ryan:Read blogs, magazines and talk to other creatives!

FD:It has been a male sport for decades... do you think the girls are taking over fashion photography?: 
Ryan:There are definitely more female photographers now than there were 20 years ago. I've heard male photographers say it's because cameras are easier to use now! But I just think photography has just become more popular in general and female photographers like Lara Jade has inspired young girls and proved that girls can make it in this male dominated industry.  I don't feel like the ladies are taking over though - Us chaps can still produce beautiful pictures, just like Avedon, Bailey, Testino, Rankin, Demarchelier and many more have always done.

FD:What is your favorite frame that you have shot?:  
Ryan:This one! For me I like it because it's so strong and in your face, yet beautiful and simple at the same time. And I love all the colours! It has become my most talked about photo. I came up with the idea of using wigs and pastel colours just after Christmas and them noticed pastels were the new trend. So I thought great, lets hurry up and shoot this before anyone else! I contacted the fabulous make up artist and friend of mine Karla Powell and we got to work organising and refining the concept. I remeber taking the photos and thinking WOW these are going in my portfolio!

FD:What's the plan, the goal.... the dream?: 
Ryan:I want to become one of the best, most well known and respected fashion photographers of this century. But for now I'm working on producing an exciting and deverse portfolio I can be really proud of. Once I'm happy I'm going to approach photographic agencies and hopefully that's when my career will really start.

For more goodness visit his website: ryanhandyphotography.com

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