Joel Sosa - Interview - Freedom, style and youth

As some may have noticed I have a thing for photos that portray youth, freedom, fun and good style. Though Joel Sosa is not a fashion photographer in the strongest sense, his photos are stylish, cool and relevant. Fashion is not all seen on the runway shots and editorials, it's everywhere... well most places, and definitely in Joel's photos. 

Name: Joel Sosa
Age: 23
Place: Guadalajara, Mexico.
Education: Technologies of Information
Where have we seen your work?: Internet and some mexican magazines

FD:Where do you seek inspiration and ideas for your photography?:
Joel:My real inspiration is my life … I feel complete with my friends and people around me, every time I’m with them is a moment of freedom, happyness and joy , we try to live our lives at the maximun level…  we are proud of who we are and that is what inspires me to keep every one of those moments in pictures

FD:Who is your favorite photographer?:
Joel:Nan Goldin

FD:How do you stay on top of what going on in photography?:
Joel:I dont know if im on top.. you know.. i just shoot moments from my life.

FD:What makes a good photo?:
I think what makes a good photo is what this transimite,  if you manage to capture this key moment of joy, freedom, happiness and when you see that photo again you experience the same feeling  that you feel in  the first moment then it is a good photo.

FD:What is your favorite frame that you have shot?:
Joel:Well, I have not really a favorite photo, usually the last I'm doing I like more than the previous ones and so on, always try to improve so ... but I have a picture called "the truth" which for me means the way we humans live today, hiding who we really are following the rules of a powerful all-seeing, because if we show who we really are or do what we really want is considered bad ... thats why the horns that means a symbol of evil… and behind the eye that sees everything ... it's all around us as humans and nature, air, earth, fire ...
FD:What's the plan, the goal.... the dream?:
I would like to be traveling all around the world following the sun, taking some shots for important magazines. That's the dream.

Check out Joel's website here 

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