Few rising photography stars...

Name: Franziska Ostermann
Age: 19
Place: Germany
Education: I am a student at school^^ which means Gymnasium, in my 13th year. I am in the middle of my Abitur and about to have the exams soon.
Inspiration?: The world around me, relationships and interaction.
Destination?: To maybe move someones world with my photographs.
Her flickr stream

Age: 23
Place: Upper East Side, Manhattan NY
Education: Graduating BFA Photography student
Inspiration?: choral music, vocal harmonies, density, sound, layers, polyphony, consonance.
Destination?: My destination right now is graduation. From there, i'm hoping to nurture my love for contemporary fine art photography and allow it to guide me toward creating a new breed of editorial work.
His Tumblr 

Name: Rachael Putt
Age: Seventeen
Place: Cornwall, England
Education: Currently in my final year of College studying English and Film A-Levels
Inspiration: Individually,Tim Walker is my main source of photographic inspiration, predominantly due to his use of visual surrealism and for creating a conceptual niche within the editorial industry. But also Tim Burton for remaining creative, yet original in his dark approaches to art. I am often inspired by numerous genres of music, paintings, books, poems, the art of others, overheard conversations and most of all, my own experiences. 
Destination: I would love nothing more than to progress further as a photographer and to also have the opportunity to work with experienced models and stylists in attempt to continue to present my concepts in a way that would hopefully have an effect on those viewing them; I'd love to work for a high magazine too! Most importantly, I just want to continue to share my work with other talented artists and people from around the world, it's a beautiful thing. 

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