Steven Duncan-Interview-Fashion photographer

Steven Duncan is a photographer working all over the world for top clients such as VOGUE Italia. He used to work with his ex-wife Laura who had a lot of impact on his fashion work. Now he works with a great stylist, Debra Diament. He used to study in the same school as me, Spéos, which got me interested in knowing more about him and how he's been doing after the education.

Name: Steven Duncan
Age: 43
Place: Los Angeles, NYC, Paris and London
Education: Otis College of Art and design, Art Center College  of design, Speos, travel and museums in the U.S.A. and Europe.
What do you shoot with?: Canon, and Hasselblad
Where have we seen your work?: Billboards, posters, magazines, web, Ad's, in-store advertising.

FD:You did photography school in Paris. What do you think the benefits are studying photography in the fashion and photography capital?: 
Steven:It is amazing for several reasons, Art before commerce, amazing talent to collaborate with, the backdrop of paris, and the level of the talent here is great, everything really.

FD:How did it come about, you shooting for VOGUE Italia?:
Steven:I was having a coffee  and I received a phone call, from a consultant representing Vogue Italia offering a job and of course I said yes!

FD:What have you been up to recently, have you been keeping busy?:
Steven:Shooting private projects, being a creative director, constantly working to develop... new looks and amalgamations. and keeping up and developing new relationships.

FD:Do you have a favorite frame that you have shot?:
Steven:I love this shot, and the model is so cool I wish I could have kept in touch with her.  ------->

FD:Any advice for those who are taking their first steps towards a career in photography?: 
Steven:Yes, Peter Lindbergh and Paolo Roversi both said to me: "never stress, and stay open"

FD:at last... what's the plan?:
Steven:To make great work with great people, in the American and European, Asian markets; have a degree of success that will enable a groovy life with groovy people.

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