Isabell N Wedin -Interview- Fantasy portraits

As you may have realized I am a fan of photographs with a dreamy fantasy atmosphere. I was very lucky to find Isabell, a talented photographer from Sweden. I instantly became a fan of her girly, dreamy, fantasy style.

Name: Isabell N Wedin
Age: 27
Place: South of Sweden (Malmö)
Education: 2 years at Art school in Sweden ( Kristianstad College of Fine art 2004-2006)and 2 years at Photography school in Sweden (Broby grafiska 2006-2008)

FD:Where have we seen your work?:
Isabell:I just had an exhibition in Istanbul and I am having one right now in Berlin. Since I mostly take portraits I've photographed several musicians and artist. I've just recently started to flirt with fashion and I'm curious of where that's gonna end up.

FD:Why photography and how did you get started?:
Isabell:I guess my passion for photography started in high school. I just
wanted to do art but my parents thought it was better that I took social science. But I discovered that there was a photography class I could take and I was hooked from day one. After high school I followed my own heart and went to art school. But it was first in the year 2006 I started thinking of becoming a professional photographer. Taking portraits came very natural to me, since peoples faces and characters interest me. I love creating images, it's my way of escaping reality and at the same time interacting with the world.

FD:What makes a good photograph?:
Isabell:A good photograph to me is a picture that you wish you could just step right into. It has to make you long, make you loose yourself a little bit. Since I prefer fiction over reality I like dreamy images. One of my favorite photographers is Ryan McGinley. Many of his pictures makes me wish that I was there, taking part instead of just being an observer.

FD:You have a lot of beautiful portraits, what's your approach when working with a model, do you direct a lot or do you just set them free?:
Isabell:I think I direct a lot, I even act out how I want them to move, how their facial expression should be, which I think makes me look quite silly.

FD:What's your favorite frame that you have shot?:
Isabell:At the moment there is one photograph that I like a little bit more then the others. I took it in October and it's a self portrait. I was visiting my parents in the countryside and on one of the mornings the light was magical. I had no model close by so I had to work with myself. I went out into this field and I didn't really have any idea of what I wanted to do. But then suddenly they just showed up, four horses on the other side of the field. We just stood there for a moment and watched each other in complete silence and that's when the camera went of. I like how dream like it turned out, how it seems like I'm longing to be with them. It makes me think of a song about a woman who desperately wishes to run free like the wild horses.

FD:Have you discovered any good photographers recently?:
Isabell:I have discovered so many recently only through facebook. Just by clicking on one photographer that you like you can easily find more by just seeing the photographers that he or she likes. It's a wonderful way of discovering talented photographer all over the world. Just to mention some of them for those who are curious: Ann He, Jessica Silversaga, Nirrimi Hakanson & Karrah Kobus.

FD:What's the plan... the dream?:
Isabell:The dream is to be able, through photography, to travel the world, meet inspiring people, to create images in my personal style and to make a living by doing that.

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