Easton Schirra-Interview-Beautiful fashion portaits

Easton Schirra is a young and very talented photographer. I think that not enough attention is paid to male portraits in the fashion world and I think Easton is very talented in that field, and in portraits in general. I'm looking forward to seeing him develop his style and I am certain that we are going to see a lot from this young talent.

Name: Easton Schirra
Age: 20
Place: New York
Education: Art Center College of Design
Where have we seen your work?: Interview Magazine online, Vangardist Magazine [Germany], FIASCO Magazine [coming out in Feb],models.com

FD:What do you shoot with?:
Easton:Canon 5D Mark II & mainly a 50mm 1.2 L series lens

FD:What motivates you to pick up the camera?:
Easton:Beauty in all forms. My emotions. When I'm alone. Altered reality. Earth elements.

FD:How would you describe your style?:
Easton:My style is forever changing & is always influenced by the subject and my surrounding environment. I tend to love images that make you 'move' with them...when I am shooting I feel as if I am dancing with my subject- it is almost like an out of body experience. So amazing.

FD:I asked him to pick his favorite and tell us the story behind it.
Easton:This image was taken when I was back in Cali for holiday in Dec. These four models are girls that I manage - all are signed by top agencies and are working consistently, which is very exciting for me!! A lot of styling went into this; my girlfriend Nikki Berra, Jessica Quinn & Bethany Struble all worked very hard bringing the wardrobe together and it turned out great. I wanted to showcase the girls in a very beautiful natural environment (on the side of the road in the boonies near our town) with fashion forward clothing. These four girls have very promising careers ahead of them! More images from the shoot will be posted soon- keep an eye out!

FD:What's it like, trying to make a name for yourself in NY?:
Easton:Not easy. It's all about taking risks, and thinking outside the box. 

FD:Any advice?: 
Easton:You can't be afraid to reach out to people...to make those calls, get the right person on the phone, and get the email address that matters.

FD:What's the plan, the goal?: 
Easton:Right now, it's to do what makes me happy, which is photograph and somehow stay afloat in the process...lol. My long term goal is to operate a universal art studio that produces beautiful images, still and moving, brands designer looks, creates campaigns, and is a factory of all things creative. I want to house artists, models, conceptual geniuses, revolutionaries & beautiful human

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