Saga Sig-Interview-Colorful,sinful,fantasy fashion.

Now one of my favorite photographers and a fellow Icelander. Saga Sig has been working hard to create a name for her self and it has been a pleasure to watch her develop her personal style. Recently graduated from London College of Fashion she has worked for clients such as Dazed and Confused, TOPSHOP 214, Please!, Dazed Japan and many more. 

Name: Saga Sig
Age: 25
Place: London
Education: BA(hons) Fashion Photography London College of Fashion

FD:Let's start with the question that every photographer gets asked a thousand times… when and how did you get dragged into photography?:
Saga:The beauty of Icelandic nature. I lived in a beautiful national park called Thingvellir, I was so stunned by the beauty of light and nature and wanted to capture it forever.

FD:It's been a joy watching you make a name for yourself, what would you say is the key to getting noticed and getting the shoots?:
Saga:A key is to find a personal style, your personal voice, people will notice you because you stand out.

FD:..are you a gadget freak, do you wait impatiently for the best and latest equipment?:
Saga:Not really, however I feel its important to keep up with latest technology and know what is out there.

FD:What do you usually shoot with?:
Saga:Canon 5d mark 2 and my film cameras are a Contax g2 and Yashica t4

FD:When tackling a shoot, do you know what you want to get from the models or is it more of an improvisational process?:
Saga:I think this depends on the project. I always chose models that inspire me and I chose them because they fit the story I am trying to tell with the image or editorial I am shooting, sometimes they need to be actresses and play a part and sometimes I am trying to capture their personality.

FD:One who looks through your work notices that it's full of color and texture, where do you get your inspiration from?:
Saga:From everywhere! I read books, watch movies, I observe people, I look at art, I look at history, I love the colors of nature and I love forms and patterns... 

FD:..and finally, what's the plan.. the dream… the ultimate goal?:
Saga:To be happy and healthy surrounded with my family and friends. Publish books with my work, show my work in galleries.

To see more of her work:


  1. Thnks for sharing. I find her really inspiring and different. Love the use of the colors in her work.

  2. I really enjoyed this interview! She is an amazing photographer.
    Man, I wish I could go to Paris and take photos! If only...
    Love your blog

    from LUAR


  3. oh my goodness, i love your blog!
    I am glad you found me so that I found you :)

    I am following, can't wait for more posts!!