Helen Warner -Interview- Mysterious fantasy photography

Name: Helen Warner 
Age: 30
Place: Belfast (Northern Ireland)
Education: Masters in Cinema and Modernism- Queen's University of Belfast

FD:Where have we seen your work?:
Helen:Stamp Mag, Colossal.com, mymodernmet, vogue.it... basically online features and magazines for the moment. I've had two exhibitions in Belfast and one is planned this year in Manchester. 

FD:What do you shoot with?:
Helen:Canon EOS 5d mark ii

FD:What motivates you to pick up the camera?:
Helen:I don't need much motivation, I absolutely love setting up a shoot, when I have an idea it's a pleasure to be able to create it. I'm always eager to take photographs.

FD:There is a lot of fantasy and mystery in your work, where do you get your inspiration from?:
Helen:Locations can be a great source of inspiration, if I see a place I like I usually end up taking a picture there. I'm lucky to have many great landscapes on my doorstep in Ireland. The 'Grace Darling' shoot happened because I found an old jetty just off a stretch of coastline called Helen's Bay near Belfast. I instantly wanted to do something with a figure standing on the sea. The Victorian twist came later, it all seemed to fit! I usually start off with a very vague idea and let it develop on the day. I can be quite scared of my own imagination, I let it do its own thing and never try to pin it down with definite sketches. An idea can go in a completely different direction on the day, I'm a great believer in leaving a lot up to chance. The weather, the models, the location can all bring new things to the final photo. Anything can trigger an idea, it's just a matter of keeping your eyes and mind wide open.

FD:What's it like, being a young photographer and trying to make a name for yourself in the UK?:
Helen:I've only been doing photography seriously for the last two years so I'm still starting out. It can be hard, but if you get your work out there, stay connected with people and have a genuine passion for what you do. anything is possible. I still can't believe it when I make money thanks to photography, which could be more often to be honest ;) 

FD:Any advice?:
Helen:Experiment as much as possible to find your own voice and style which will set you apart and never be afraid of making mistakes, they help you learn!

FD:What's the plan, the goal?:
Helen:I would love to work with musicians, and do visuals for albums. Maybe even give music videos a try. I'm doing my first fashion shoot in the spring, so i would like to continue collaborating with designers. As long as I'm shooting, I'm happy...so I hope it continues!

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