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Name: Christine Muraton
Age 23
Place: Paris, France
Education: MA in french literature

FD:When and why did you get started in photography?:
CM:I have been attracted to arts since I was a child, doing a little bit of this, a little bit of that, not finding the tool that would have fitted me.
It all begun during some holidays when a friend of the family, a photographer, let me "play" with his camera: when he saw the result, his favorable opinion encouraged my father to offer me my current camera, which actually is his friend's second-hand. That was 2 years ago. But I really became serious about it one year ago, as I became more and more aware of it's possibilities of expression. It's the perfect tool for me: spontaneous yet offering endless possibilities of post-processing, and easy to practice in absolutely any kind of situation, which gives me a lot of freedom to explore different things, while feeding one of my other passions : to travel.

FD:What do you look for when taking pictures and what inspires you?:
CM:It depends on the type of photography, as I am currently experimenting different things. But overall, poetry, but the kind of poetry of the insights, revealing some parts of the human psyché (mine, or simply one of those that fascinates me) as, for exemple, the exploration of what is attributed to the feminine archétype in the male forms (and the opposite); the link between the human mind and nature, or the expression of the "collective memory" in the individuals...

FD:Who is your favorite photographer and why?:
CM:I could not say that I have one favorite photographer (maybe I have not found him/her yet), but there are some young photographers that I find very talented and very inspiring as Brooke Shaden, Alex Stoddard, or Robby Cavanaugh for exemple.

FD:I asked Christine to pick one of her favorites and tell us a little bit about it:


CM:The shooting was a bit challenging: the wind was blowing, it was cold, raining, and I had to struggle to not fall entirely in the water with the camera... This makes me like this picture even more, as much as the remembrance of my poor naked friend's dedication! It is part of a serie dedicated to the femininity in male forms: I wanted my model to express in his own way what is usually asked to female models: fragility and grace.

As shown in the title, it revisits the Ophelia theme, but I added a new element, which is the boat (the tool that conquers nature is generally a male attribute) in decay: what should have prevented the death has been useless, and thus the body recovers it's essential nakedness and fragility in front of Nature. Yet it cannot fully rest and dissolve in the oneness, in water: the artifact remains in between, as a coffin that separates the body from the earth and prevent it to merge into it.
Finally, the focus is made on the water rather than the man, as his existence as a defined individual is of no importance in regard to nature that perpetuates its beauty for a time that surpasses to infinity the lenght of human existence.
But that's only my own perception of it: I haven't made it that clear and I rather hope that it is the overall atmosphere of the picture that will encourage people to have their own interpretations.
That picture makes me feel peaceful as it representes to me the absence of importance of life events in regard to the beauty of life (which includes death in it's core).

FD:What equipment do you use?:
CM:A Canon EOS 50D, a 50mm (1.8) mostly, an a very cheap tripod

FD:Where are you off to? What's your dream?:
CM:Well, for the moment I'm about to achieve a long-time dream which is going to India, while having one year at university left.
after that... life will tell. The teaching of french language should allow me to live in a lot of different countries. So I hope I'll be able to do that, while continuing to improve as a photographer and maybe succeed in that field too.

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  1. Her photos are hauntingly beautiful, wow. Thank you for sharing!

    from LUAR