Nick Knight - Master of Fashion Photography

Nick Knight
I felt like an idiot when I found out that I did not know this guys name (well I had heard it,fuck I even posted it once, but did not know how big he was). You know the feeling... you hear a name... think "who's that guy?" go to Google and realize that you know and love so many of his pictures. 
I am no genius and I admit that there are so many famous photographers out there that I do not know the name of. Well I've only been focusing on fashion photography for a year so cut me some slack. 
But Nick... everybody knows at least one of his pictures, and since he and Lady Gaga started working together his work got even more attention. (he shot the cover of Born this way)
He has so many different styles, a real chameleon. He really know how to play with color and movement. 
This one and the one above were shot for Another Magazine
He shot the cover for Björk's Homogenic album in 1997. Björk is so awesome and he really created an immortal image of this insane artist. "We are purple" will do a blog on her soon so stay tuned...
When I first got interested in shooting fashion Yohji Yamamoto was the first designer I really wanted to work with. I still intend to. Nick did such an amazing job capturing the shape of Yamamoto's clothes. A real trial for a photographer.
...and here we have his new pet, his new favorite subject. He has shot quite a lot of Lady Gaga pictures and they keep turning out great. This is probably one of the most famous ones.
My personal favorite of his Gaga shots.

Just wanted to finish with a short fashion video he directed. A tribute to Alexander McQueen. A must watch if you are interested in fashion... beauty and really just if you have a soul. Music by Björk.