Ellen Von Unwerth-Dirty,sexy fashion

Ellen von Unwerth was once a model and is now one of the worlds leading fashion photographers. She's not afraid to provoke and show us what she thinks is beautiful and sexy. You can find her every month on the pages of the worlds biggest magazines and her series are always a feast for the eyes.
Not so long ago a book was released called Fräulein and it's the best fashion photography book I've seen in a long time...
So if you are a fashion photography lover... or just a little pervert, you have to get it!
You can order it here
"(Women) are not just there to be admired, they are there to be enjoyed."  Ellen von Unwerth

...and here you can see some of her work, I left out the dirtiest pictures... so now you have something to google.

 ...so do you agree? Leave a comment.

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