Advertising Standards Authority bans Dakota and Hailee

The people working at the british Advertising Standards Authority clearly have a wild and active imagination. Now they have banned the Dakota Fanning perfume ads for Marc Jacobs and also (what is even more crazy) the Hailee Steinfeld ads for Miu Miu.

Apparently they find them offensive, sexual and whatnot... I think they need to have their heads checked.

If you think a picture of a 17 year old girl sitting down and holding a bottle of perfume is sexual... I think you have a problem.
The interpretation tells more about the viewer than the photograph! 

Oh yes.. and the Miu Miu ads... it was not that they thought the pictures were to sexy, it seems that the client and the photographer were showing a child in dangerous circumstances. Were the ASA afraid of that a train might come and run her down during the photoshoot? Then we should also ban the movie True Grit... I think she was in way more danger there than in these pictures. 
But seriously, the people working at ASA really need to concentrate on more serious matters than to try to find sex in everything, or find a hobby... maybe they just need to get laid.

Hailee Steinfeld only moments before she got hit by a train.

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