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Hihi I'm back from a little summer holiday with a brand new interview for you all. She talks about trying to get noticed in the big and scary world of fashion photography and about her inspirations how she started out. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.... So dig in and enjoy..

Name: Trisha Ward
Age: 27
Place: Edinburgh Scotland
Professional photography Graduate

FD:When and how did you get into photography?:
Trisha: My Dad has always been into photography as a hobby so really I owe a lot to him for the enthusiasm and passion which he passed on. When I was a kid it seemed like he was never without his camera and beautiful leather camera bag so for me it was normal to be constantly around a camera. I would watch him develop black and white pictures in the garage amazed by the images as they appeared like magic! When I was 14 I decided my automatic camera wasn't up to scratch and I started borrowing his canon 35mm SLR, from then on I was pretty hooked on taking photos!. At 17 I went off to art school and my dad bought me my own 35mm SLR. I continued to use photography within my work but I didn't concentrate on using it as my main medium until my final year. Even then I was still pretty in the dark about the technical side of photography so two years after graduating, I went back into education to study professional photography and it changed everything for me, it was like learning a new language.

FD:Have you ever been published, where?:
Trisha: I have and it’s a very strange feeling to give your work over to people and not quite know how its going to be presented to a wider audience! Through my flickr account last year I was contacted by a publisher who was putting together a book of fashion photographs which illustrate how photographers achieve their photographs. At the time I thought it would be something no one would ever see but it arrived a few weeks ago and I was in total shock. There are photographers in the book who I really admire like Simon Pais, Miles Aldridge and Rankin. You can buy the book in Waterstones and that is really surreal for me! Recently I shot for the Scotsman Pulse magazine and over the past year, have been really fortunate to have be supported and regularly featured in an online publication called SLAVE magazine -, they offer a great platform for exciting new photography talent and I am really honoured to have my work there. It’s really just in the last year that things have started to happen.

FD:How would you describe your style?:
Trisha: I am definitely still developing it but I like to try and where ever possible make photographs that people are going to remember. I build props and try to make things that will make the pictures more interesting. When I first started concentrating on fashion I was really preoccupied with the lights and actually terrified of having the right set up and getting them to do what I want. As I have progressed I have really paired down and often just use one light or available light because I feel I can then concentrate more on making a connection with the model. For me that’s what makes a really great shot, when you get something special from the model some attitude or emotion that the viewer might connect with.

FD:I see you like to shoot fashion, do you have a favourite designer?:
Trisha: No one has ever asked me that before and its a really interesting question because I absolutely love designers who are at polar opposites from one another! I love the effortless chic of Margaret Howell and if I had money to dress myself I would be throwing it her way but I also have a deep love and appreciation for designers like Karl Lagerfeld and McQueen for their incredible Haute Couture and lastly Tom Ford the man is incredible, A Single Man isn't a film its a work of art.

FD:Who is your favorite photographer, why?:
Trisha: Another tough question!! I think that it has definitely changed as I have gotten older and wiser photographically. A fashion photographer I really admire is Paolo Roversi. I think his work is beautiful, its can be avant-garde, or very refined and paired down but you can always feel both his presence and his models presence in his pictures which makes them really special for me. He also uses a lot of window and continuous light which I really favour. David Simms is also another close favourite, he chooses great models and brings out their personalities and everything always feels very contemporary, edgy and cool.

FD:What inspires you to photograph?:
Trisha: I think it can be lots of different things, but mainly its a feeling, perhaps how I am feeling at the time. Scotland has pretty dramatic seasons, winter is dark and the work I produced this winter definitely had a dark feel to it. I also look at other peoples work and I am inspired by it, by the scale of it or even by its simplicity, I love to see what other people create, it amazes me. If I am stuck for inspiration, I like to look at online magazines and see what submissions they might be looking for in the upcoming months. Sometimes someone else giving me a starting point can really throw me into action! Models are also key and extremely inspirational, it takes me a long time to chose who I am going to work with and it’s always an intense experience for me when I shoot with one.

FD:What do you think of the fashion photography scene as it is today?:
Trisha: Super tough! Having just graduated I like many others will be trying to get a foot in the door and I think it’s going to be a long journey. There are incredible fashion photographers working at the moment, people like Camilla Akrans Steven Meisel, Steven Klein, Mert and Marcus, Tim Walker, the list could go on and there are more and more talented photographers coming out of college each and every year. I know that I need more time to develop and so I just have to continue to put the work in and if I am lucky I might make it.
FD: I asked Trisha to choose a couple of her photos and tell me a bit about them:

Trisha: Ok so the first is from a series of photographs I shot of a series of Dandys. The model is Douglas Robertson, perhaps the sweetest man and model I’ve ever met but I wanted to create a series of pictures that were dark and sinister and presented high street clothes in a more artistic creative way. I had seen a lot of pictures of Douglas and I thought he looked quite mischievous which is why I asked him to be one of my models. When he came to the studio it was incredible. He is a great actor as well as a model and he got into character perfectly channelling a really intense stare and stiff position. The styling of the photograph really enhances the stiff sinister feel as does the key light which was above Douglas to bring out his cheek bones and add mood.
Trisha: The second image is from a series I did with a 50s feel to it.The model is actually a friend and fellow photographer who I thought would fit the feel of the shoot perfectly. Luckily he agreed and pulled it off brilliantly. We shot in winter in a series of different locations some inside, some outside and my main focus was to try and make a series of images that were cinematic. I wanted the viewer to feel like they could be there with the model and I wanted the locations to be very atmospheric. For the entire series I used available light and reflectors. This shot is a particular favourite for me because there are lots of points of visual interest. I like the mirror above the model and the line of lights reflected in it, the repetition of the menus on the tables and the way his arms by chance fell parallel to one another. He just looks very cool and it doesn’t look like its shot in Scotland!
FD:and lastly... what's the plan, what's the dream?:
Trisha: In September the plan is to move to London though if there are any offer from further afield I’d happily take them! I would really like to work closely with an established fashion photographer as a full time assistant. There is only so much you can learn from college and I think that assisting is fundamental to a photographers development. I am really excited about it so fingers crossed someone will take me on! I like to set myself little goals so for now its getting an assisting Job with someone I really admire, and then its going to be getting my work into the magazines which have really inspired me as a photographer.

and here are some more of her work..

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