Serena Facchin - Dreamy fairytale - Photographer - Found on flickr

I found Serena while treasure hunting on flickr. What captured me was the dreamy, fairytale atmosphere in her pictures. I contacted her and she was so nice to share her work and wisdom with us :)

Serena Facchin

Name:Serena Facchin
Place:Città di Castello, in the green heart of Italy
Amateur or pro:

FD:When and how did you get into photography?:
Serena: I started to feel the need to photograph paradoxically during a long trip where I was without a camera. When I came back I immediately bought a camera and I took a photography course. Right now I think I can’t live without photography and one of my worst nightmares is being in a beautiful place without my camera .

FD:How would you describe your style?:
Serena: Many people call it fabulous and unreal, I feel like I’m not photographically mature, I’m taken from the images that are created in my mind, but most of the time even though I’m able to “stage them” I’m not able to decipher them and create something more structured…for me it’s like a childhood play.

FD:Have you ever been published, where?:
Serena: I took part in several exhibitions that had a catalogue, I made a postcard for a picture gallery, and I have some interviews that you can find on the web (Artflakes, Frizzifrizzi, Enquire mag). I was issued in the last number of ELLE girl Korea and on
Especially young girls like my photos, I found everyday links to my flickr page on tumblr… ; )

FD:What gear do you use?:
Serena: I have a Canon EOS 350D and an home-made photo studio in the garage, I recognize the importance of the equipment but for me it takes a back seat.

FD:What inspires you to photograph?:
Serena: I have daily inspirations, everything inspires me, movies, books, illustrators, everything that concerns reality and most of all unreality.

FD:Who is your favorite photographer, why?:
Serena: My favorite photographer is Tim Walker, for his capacity to amaze me every new picture he takes.

FD:What is your favorite location to shoot?:
Serena: It depends on the design I have in my mind…if I dream of something airy or something to build. Most of all, however, I love the summer fields of my countryside at the sunset.

FD:Do you think that pictures are valuable as before, now that anyone can take hundreds of photographs without it costing anything?:
Serena: I believe that despite the amount of resources available, what count are the idea and the depth behind a photography, not so much the means, and these are things that never changed.

FD:I asked Serena to pick a couple of her pictures that she wanted to share.

Serena: These are photos that I really care about. I think they can give the sense of what I'm capable of doing to stage what I have in mind despite scarce resources…; )

FD:and lastly... what's the plan, what's the dream?
Serena: The dream is daydreaming for ever, and having the enthusiasm to give it the importance it deserves!

If you want to see more go to her photostream

All images in this post are (c)Serena Facchin

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