Sabrina Caramanico - Dark, melancholy nightmare - Found on flickr

Melancholy and darkness can be so beautiful and photographer Sabrina Caramanico really knows how to capture that beauty.

Name: Sabrina Caramanico
Age: 26
Place: Abruzzo,Italy

FD:When and how did you get into photography?:
Sabrina: Photography came into my life when I was 10-11 years. I have  no precise memory of how it happened, I think it was very natural.

FD:Have you ever been published?:
Sabrina: Yes, some of my work has been published in Italian magazines: FotoCult, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, GQ  and finalist in the music category at the Sony World Photo Awards 2010.

FD:What inspires you to take pictures?:
Sabrina: Everything inspires me... movies, books, music.

FD:Who is your favorite photographer and why?
Sabrina: My favorite photographer is Francesca Woodman ... I love her world.

FD:What's the plan?
Sabrina: The plan is to continue to photograph what I like.

FD:I asked Sabrina to choose one photo that she wanted to share.

Sabrina: Nightmare, melancholy
I then picked some more of her photos to show you guys and here they are...

If you want to see more go to her flickr photostream