Ryan McGinley - Photographer

Ryan McGinley

I must go as far to say that this guy is a leader of a certain generation. The generation of "modern, snap-shot, nature loving, realistic, fantasy documentary style photography" (yes it's a real genre... sort of).

Born in New Jersey in 1977 and now based in New York, in 2003 he won American Photo magazine's Photographer of the year award, he has had many solo exhibitions and recently shot the cover of Rolling Stone.
His site is worth checking out www.ryanmcginley.com

Rolling Stone cover

Rolling Stone Lady Gaga shoot is just awesome,
show's a new side of this interesting.... very interesting artist.

And here's some more stuff from Ryan....

...how dreamy is that?

so freedomy

All of the photos in this post are the work of (c)Ryan McGinley

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