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I've been watching this guy for a while on flickr and his photostream is a joy to browse through. His latest work is so full of summer and freedom and think his work would fit well with in the pages of magazines like Dazed and Confused or perhaps ID.
Well he answered a few questions about himself and here they are along with some of his work.

My name: Andy Teo
Age: 42
from the UK

Amateur or pro?:
Semi Pro

When and how did you get into photography?:
I really got into photography 3 years ago when I joined flickr and needed to get better at photography to shoot a calendar project in Malawi. I've always had a camera right from the age of six when I got my first instamatic camera. Flickr is a great place to learn. Since then I've posted nearly 5000 pix on Flickr so hopefully there are a couple of good ones.

Who is your favorite photographer and why?:
My favourite photographer hmmm a tough one. Overall it's got to be Joe McNally. Seeing his work in a book called "the moment it clicks"
really got me wired to learn more about taking portraits

Honorable mentions to Jann Arthus Bertrand for his Earth from Above. His work which inspires me to always seek to see the world from a different angle and Betina la Plante, the best portrait artist I've met on Flickr and an encouraging friend too.

What inspires you to photograph?:
I'm inspired to photograph all things and people interesting,beautiful and funny. Photography to me is about story telling with images

What's the plan?:
The plan is to continue to have fun with photography and inspire many other people to take better pictures until I go blind or breathe my last

Here is some of his summery work along with some more gritty looking ones :)

So how do you like this guy? I must say I really like his work and hopefully I'll see his photos someday in the big magazines.

Check out his flickr site here
He is also on Twitter and Facebook

All the work in this post is (c)Andy Teo (Photocillin)

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