Nicola Formichetti, Rick Genest and Karim Sadli in GQ Style

I am pretty sure that this is one of the most beautiful photo-shoot I've ever seen. I have stared ad these pictures for so long and I'm still amazed by their beauty.
Nicola Formichetti, editor, stylist, creative director and what-not is a genius, nothing less. These photos are styled by him for MUGLER, published in GQ Style.
The model is Rick Genest who you most likely know by now if you've looked through magazines or watched some music videos. To some he may look scary, but I have a feeling that he's a sweet guy haha
Last but not least  the photos were shot by Karim Sadli.

Rick and Nicola

This is so cool it almost makes me cry.

Learn more about the coolest guy in fashion, Nicola Formichetti

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