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Can you believe this guy has only been taking pictures since february? To Matt Hill it sure comes naturally. I was captured by the adventure and honesty in his work. Both the road shots and the Joplin tornado scenes really tell you something, make you think. So I contacted him and asked him a few questions.

Name: Matt Hall
Age: 22
Place: Fort Collins, Colorado
Amateur or Pro?: 

FD:When and how did you get into photography?:

Matt: I'm a newcomer to photography, I actually just started this February when I bought my college roommates old Canon Eos xti. What really got me into it was when he let me borrow his camera so I could take a couple pictures on my way to Keystone. I guess you can say since then I've been addicted.

FD:Have you ever been published?: 

Matt: No, haha, I could only wish.

FD:Who is your favorite photographer?: 

Matt: I really couldn't answer that. I get bored of routine really easily and I may like one style of pictures one day but the next day I love another. As long as a person isn't afraid to confront conformity and change what they do is a favorite of mine.

FD: What inspires you to photograph?: 

Matt: For me it's just the fun of the adventure and being able to go back and have a scrapbook of my life and experiences. Every time I look back at a picture no matter how good or bad others may view it, I smile because behind it is a story.

FD:What do you think of the photo-overload all around, facebook, flickr etc. is photography suffocating in itself or is it blooming?: 

Matt: To me, Facebook is a different medium when it comes to pictures. Facebook is where everybody showcases what their up to and to me is just a place to post pictures of you and friends. Being a newcomer to Flickr I can't really say if the site has gone in a positive or negative direction. To me it doesn't matter what pictures your posting here as long as your enjoying them. However, recently I realized that it doesn't matter how many meaningless awards that your pictures have, yes it was fun at first and got me more views but now one meaningful comment from the heart means more than 10 thousands useless spinning icons and awards. Hopefully as people grow through Flickr and other such sites, they realize what photography actually means to them and don't try to conform to the norms and what is expected from others.

FD: I asked Matt to choose a couple of pictures and tell us a bit about them.

Let's Drive Through The Night
Matt: This picture was taken on our way back from Vegas, I'm not sure the name of the pass, but it's on I70 in Colorado and I've heard this highway is one of the most complex ever made. I felt black and white suited the bright morning light and gave stark contrast from where I've been to where I was going.

Patchwork Orange
Matt: This was taken on campus at Colorado State University. Being my senior year there we didn't have a lot to do and we found a large spool of string and were trying to make a hammock out of it and being cigarette smokers had to take a little break. I was initially bored with the pictures so I decided to add two more pictures to it it and I was still a little bored. I started experimenting with crops and kind of just came across with this idea that I got from a fellow friend and well, I liked the results.
FD:and lastly.. what's the plan?: 

Matt: the plan, well, in 2 months I'm moving out to Southern California with my old college roommates and from there we are traveling the world living out of a car or whatever we can find and taking pictures to remember the whole experience. I can safely say that photography will never leave me and will always pick me up when I'm down.

It's Funny How Tragedy Brings Hope: Joplin Tornado aftermath

Gone....:Joplin Tornado aftermath

Drive to Nowhere: Joplin Tornado aftermath

The Aftermath: Joplin Tornado aftermath

he only started in february! Imagine what he's capable of.

Wan't to see more of his work.. go here

What do you think of him? leave a comment.

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