*lulú** - Laura Salgado - Found on flickr

Here's a fresh talent, found her on flickr. Raw and realistic and worth checking out. She has her own website and I must say it's quite neat. Check her out at www.laurasalgado.com or on flickr

Name: Laura Salgado
Age: 28
Country: Colombia

Amateur or pro?: 
Pro when i have to, but I love being an amateur, and improvising and playing, breaking the rules.

What gear do you use?: 
An analog canon and I´m in the process of getting a Nikon d3s, to upgrade my digital camera.

Who is your favorite photographer?: 
There are so many photographers that I admire... I just saw an exhibit of Man Ray, so at the moment he is my favorite. But I cant just have one. Paolo Roversi, and Annie Leibovitz and thier vintage timeless aesthetics. Richard avedon, rober mapplethorpe, Steven meisel, steven klein, inez van lamsweerde, and i can go on and on.

What inspires you?:
People, the streets, colors

When did you start taking photographs?:
Six, seven years. I fell in love with it the first time I saw one of my developed photos slowly drawing in the paper.

What's the plan?:
Continue working with images, studying something that has to do with video and experiment with every tool i have at hand.

Laura Salgado's flickr photostream

(c) Laura Salgado

(c) Laura Salgado

(c) Laura Salgado


  1. thanks darling for your sweet comment on my blog!! your universe is strange and fascinated!! thanks for share the inspiration!!

    xoxo from france