Katiuscia Bayslak - Photographer interview - Found on flickr

Her work reminds me of old paintings, great feeling for mood and light play so well together. I hope you enjoy the interview and her work as much as I.

Name:Katiuscia Bayslak
Age:32 years old
Place:Rome, Italy
Amateur or pro: Totally and happily amateur

FD:When and how did you get into photography?
Katiuscia: I came to photography about a year ago when I bought my first camera, in the belief that it would be an excellent means of communication. I believe that photography can document a reality or subvert its rule. Personally I am totally at ease by flying my mind and trying to represent my world through the camera.

FD:How would you describe your style?
Katiuscia: Oh ... Hard to say! I think after a while no one can talk about real style.Now I would call it more "footprint". Surely I can describe my recent work such as travel. In the worlds I like to imagine. In what I would like to happen. Dreamlike visions, I would say!

FD:Have you ever been published, where?
Katiuscia: Over two photographic works published on the online magazine Vogue and my personal flickr stream, I had the opportunity to exhibit my first work in a very nice concept store in the city where I live.

FD:What gear do you use?
Katiuscia: I recently purchased my new Nikon D90, which I use almost exclusively with the 50mm f/1.8.
I'm really happy with this!

FD:What inspires you to photograph?
Katiuscia: Inspiration is essential in photography and art in general. Mainly I draw inspiration from everything he knows to capture my attention. Music, a thought, the scene of a film, inner thoughts, recurring dreams. But there are also many artists (contemporary or otherwise) have greatly inspired me, and I think they will do so long!

FD:Who is your favorite photographer?
Katiuscia: There are many emerging artists who have created something unique that I was deeply impressed. I love the versatility of Annie Leibovitz, the painting style of Chiara Fersini, unique style and intimate by Anna Morosini, the intensity of Federico Erra, beauty explosive Kirsty Mitchell, the drama of Alex Stoddard. But the real shock to me has given depth to the young Brooke Shaden. She has built a unique world for me, and his works are of rare beauty in photography. Comparable only to pre-Raphaelite painters.

FD:Do you think that pictures are ase valuable as before, now that anyone can take hundreds of photographs without it costing anything?
Katiuscia: I think today as yesterday, you could do something really valuable. But no thanks to the ease with which today can handle a camera. Must be made with the heart, eyes and head. Similarly to what happened in the past.

FD:I asked 
Katiuscia to pick a couple of his photos that he wanted to share.

Katiuscia: the true age of the dream

Katiuscia: Intimate, personal

FD:and lastly... what's the plan, what's the dream?
Katiuscia: My dream is to never have to do without what I love and to live freely and share my art with those who will appreciate it!

See more at her flickr stream 

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