Francesco Visone - Found on flickr

When I saw this guys work the first thing I thought was: "I don't understand why I have not seen his photos on the pages of Dazed and Confused." If I were supposed to describe his work in a few words it would be raw, passionate, romantic, real and relevant. You can just see that he shoots with passion and that 's what makes a good photographer. 
He answered my questions and told me about some of his photos.

It's an honor to bring you.... Francesco Visone

Name: Francesco Visone Díaz.
Age: 21
Place: Valencia (spain)

FD:Amateur or Pro?: 

Francesco: It depends, when I work for someone I'm pro, but when I take pictures just to escape from reality I'm a simply amateur.

FD:When and how did you get into photography?: 

Francesco: I got into photography when I was 17 or 18 years old, I started doing photoshoots with my friends when we were bored Sunday's afternoons. With 19 I got my first camera, a Nikon D40. After that I wanted to go further and dedicate my life to photography.

FD:Have you ever been published?: 

Francesco: No, not yet, but i had my first photo exhibition this year.

FD:Who is your favorite photographer?: 

Francesco: This is a difficult question! There are so many good photographers out there. My favorites are Ryan Mcginley, Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier Bresson, Helmut Newton, Robert Doisneau... but my photographic idol is definitely Ellen Von Unwerth, I can't describe how good this woman is, her vision, her style, her passion for photography is undescribed. She always inspires me.

FD:What inspires you to photograph?: 

Francesco: Music, fashion, feelings and women.

FD:What do you think of the photo-overload all around, facebook, flickr etc. is photography suffocating in itself or is it blooming? 

Francesco: Well I think a photography can't be suffocating when it's well done. I see photo-overload everyday and everywhere because they are pictures taken without passion. A photography is a document of beauty, of feelings, of a story. If you can put those 3 things in a photography, then you are a real photographer.

FD:What's the plan?:

Francesco: Grow up as an artist, do more photo exhibition around the world and reach people with my work.

I asked him to choose some of his work and tell me a little bit about them.

Francesco: This is me with one of the most important person in my life. 

Francesco:I can't describe the feelings that this picture brings to me, i call it "Reborn". I won an honor award at school for it. 
Francesco: I took this picture 3 mounths ago, it was a very special day.
Francesco: This girl is so special for me, she had low-esteem before i photographed her, after this picture she felt like she is, beautiful.
Francesco: One of my first pictures and still one of the best I have taken
Francesco: This picture is so simple but full of sensuality and mystery.
Francesco: Love and pain comes together, it's sex.

Francesco: The power of a woman
Francesco: This was one of the 10 pictures in my photo-exhibition, a tribute to the women.
Francesco: This is one of my favorite self-portraits!
Francesco: This one just to finish :)

As you can see, I found a brilliant talent during my treasure hunt. Can't wait to see more from him in the future.

If you want to see more check out his flickr page


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