Ernir Eyjólfsson - Icelandic photographer

It's my pleasure to bring you the first interview with an Icelandic photographer. Ernir Eyjólfsson is a young photographer who has been working at one of the biggest newspapers in Iceland. He has shot so many brilliant pictures and one of his stronger side is doing portraits. His portraits are usually so full of life and humor is not far away. 
I contacted Ernir and asked him some questions, so here he is....

Name: Ernir Eyjólfsson
Age: 28
Place: Reykjavík, Iceland

FD:When and how did you get into photography?
Ernir: I've always been interested in photography but really got into it about 6 years ago when I bought my first SLR camera, it was a Canon EOS 20D. Shortly after that I started studying photography at Tækniskólinn and here I am today.

FD:Is there any special kind of photography that fascinates you the most?
Ernir: At the moment I mostly like taking promos, portraits, concert photos and photo essays. However if it's done creatively and stands out from the rest of the bunch it fascinates me no matter what kind. I try to dig into most fields of photography because it might make me better in what I want to specialize in and bring a different angle to it.

FD:Have you ever been published, where?
Ernir: One private exhibition in September 2009 from my Portrait a Day project. At the moment I work for Morgunblaðið newspaper and Monitor Magazine so that's mainly where my photos are published and a few others here and there but I haven't been working as a photographer for that long so it's not much.

FD:How would you describe being a photographer in Iceland, is it a struggle?
Ernir: It's definitely a struggle financially. The market is very small compared to how many photographers are in it. You have to put yourself out there and make people know what your doing. Although I would not say it's a struggle finding a subject. Lots of interesting things to photograph here.

FD:Who is your favorite photographer and why?
Ernir: William Eggleston is definitely my favorite. He was a pioneer in artistic and color photography. Most photographers think about shadows the whole time but the way Eggleston sees colors and color combinations is magnificent to me.

FD:What inspires you to take pictures?
Ernir: The subject...hehe. Visualizing how the frame and the subject will turn out in the picture before I take the photo. The idea inspires me and gives me the thrill of taking pictures. Does not mater if the idea comes one second before the picture ore one year.

FD:Do you think there will always be a place for photography in the media or will video take over?
Ernir: Many thought the painting would die when the photograph came so I think the way photos are used in media will definitely chance in the future but never be taken over by video. As long as there is printed media we'll need photographs, but the video is becoming a much frequently used option by other kinds of media. I think mainstream photographers need to be able to do both if they want to survive in the field.

FD:I asked Ernir to pick a couple of his photos to show and tell us a little bit about.

Ernir: This is one of my recent favorite ones. Just took this a couple of weeks ago of the rapper Emmsjé Gauti. I love taking photos of people from above and he had the best idea of doing the photo shoot during a bubble bath. Perfect match.
Ernir: I like taking skate photos. I often chose to do it from a grate distance from the subject and frame the skater into the environment instead of shooting from a close range wit a wide lens. This photo was once published on a small skate website and they cropped it to a landscape format and totally destroyed it. The best thing about it is the patterns in the concrete ceiling and floor.
FD:and lastly... what's the plan?
Ernir: I have no long term plans at the moment. Working for Morgunblaðið (newspaper) this summer and I have a few private projects up my sleeve but nothing I dare to talk a bout yet.

and here is some of his work both personal and for Icelandic newspapers.

He did a beautiful photo-report on the eruption in Grímsvötn,Iceland 2011.

Ash-cloud during the  Grímsvötn eruption.
Ash-cloud during the  Grímsvötn eruption.
Little bird  in the ash-cloud during the  Grímsvötn eruption.

Ash-cloud during the  Grímsvötn eruption.

...of the life in Iceland

Here is some of his concert photography

...more portraits

Intro Beats, Icelandic musician and skater boy. 

Dancer, Margrét Bjarnadóttir and musician Daníel Bjarnason

Artist, Sigurður Þórir Ámundason in front of his wall art.

One summer he did a portrait a day project click on the photo below to see the results.


Visit his flickr photostream here

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