David Turney - Amazing land- and cityscapes - Photographer

Who said HDR was dead? Well, I did, but when I saw David's amazing cityscapes and landscapes I changed my mind haha His work is so... cool and his landscapes are just beautiful.

David Turney
Age: 25
Place: London, United Kingdom
Amateur or Pro?: Amateur

FD:When and how did you get into photography?: 

David: I first started taking photographs when I was around 13 with my father’s first digital compact camera (one that was as heavy as a brick, as expensive as a computer and almost no megapixels). I don’t really remember the reasons for taking lots of photographs back then other than that I enjoyed doing it. I decided to bridge the gap between compacts and slr’s by purchasing an in-between - with this I started to learn about photography and was hooked. Back in 2008 I purchased a Canon EOS 450d which was my first full manual dslr. I learnt a lot with this camera teaching myself photography techniques over the years and decided to finally invest in a pro dslr - the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

FD:How would you describe your style?:

David: I am still trying to find my 'style'; I absolutely love landscape photography but find it hard living in central London to get out to the countryside and therefore tend to take more cityscapes and urban shots. I am more of a stills fanatic right now but hope to better my portrait technique and eventually move into studio photography; whether or not I'll be any good remains to be seen.

FD:Have you ever been published, where?:

David: Funny enough I once had a photograph published in FHM magazine which was not of a landscape or cityscape. Other than this I had a photograph published in an online photography magazine "searching 4 inspiration". I am hoping that this interview can help.

FD:Who is your favorite photographer, and why?

David: It would be Kane Gledhill, a landscape photographer from Australia. I have always followed his work and am inspired by the photographs he takes. I would recommend his work for anyone looking to get into landscape photography.

FD:What inspires you to photograph?: 

David: The yearning to develop technique and to take the perfect picture I suppose. It has been a long time since I discovered that taking photographs is not just about pointing and clicking and I do believe that mastering photography will take a few good years yet. I once heard the expression, “when you are born you get a birth certificate, when you die you get a death certificate, in order to record your life you should take photographs”, hence my inspiration.

FD:Do you think photography is respected as it should be, compared to other forms of art such as painting?

David: Perhaps not; referring to what I said previously, people often think photography is about pointing and clicking which, all avid photographers know, is not the case at all. Perhaps, that’s what makes it so special to all those who are interested in photography, we aren’t painters, we love to be behind a camera and to capture our journey.

FD:I asked David to pick one of his photos that were special to him and he wanted to share with us.

David: This photograph has particular meaning to me; it was taken on a weekend which was very special and the weather was absolutely perfect for landscape photography.
FD:and lastly.. what's the plan?: 
David: The plan is to hopefully inspire others and to make a name for myself along the way. I am a lawyer by day who is looking to one-day be in a position to become a professional photographer.

Lake Maggiore

The Millenium Bridge - London


Louvre - Paris

Visit his website
or his flickr photostream

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