Commercial photography - Jewels and such

When one browses through magazines such as VOGUE, ELLE, W and other fashion bibles you can't help but notice that more than half the pages are ads from various brands of clothes, jewels and perfume.

I've always posted things that I like here on Frame Discovery but now I'll post something I think is kind of funny. Many of these ads are just.... well I don't want to say bad, but.... interesting. Yes interesting. 

Here are some of my favorites....

Here they have put a twist on the classic "desaturate-everything-except-the-product-to-make-it-pop" method but instead put a green layer over it all. Jewelry fit for martians.

I love and respect women. But this is kind of silly... like Graff, Adler makes the most beautiful jewelry. But also like Graff they went with the selective-desaturation part... and worse they oversized the rings and hung them on african women..... how does that make any sense?

Lydia Courteille... another fine maker of jewelry.... but where are those strangling hands coming from? Strangling hands with flowers and snakes.

I just sometimes feel that those who create big ads tend to hurry and just think about making things pop.
If I were an editor at VOGUE (or other fashion bibles) I would not want my magazine to be full of silly ads.
There are many so cool magazine ads out there..... but they're no fun to talk about. No, really, I'll soon post some ads I like. 

.....and I have to make a special post for oversized perfume bottles.

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