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Mumbai is a beautiful city, full of life and amazing subjects to photograph. Photographer Amogh Pant has captured the faces of Mumbai in a beautiful and honest way. He was so kind to answer my questions and share his work with us.

Name:Amogh Pant
Amateur or pro:Amateur 

FD:When and how did you get into photography?:
Amogh: 28 February, 2008 I think. I stayed up all night at a railway station taking pictures. Being in love with this part of the city around where I had lived, my favorite activity was to just walk around any time of the day or night, looking at what people and things. I thought a cellphone camera should suffice to record some of those impressions for lack of other options, so I signed up on Flickr the next day and uploaded my first picture.

FD:How would you describe your style?
Amogh: It’s difficult to work backwards from a picture to analyze the choices that preceded it and find a ‘style’ therein… It’s easier to admit that there is an impulse that kicks in and says, “This is a picture”, and one learns to listen to it. It comes in the next phase too, when one is sitting before a computer wondering what to look for in the recorded frame.

FD:Have you ever been published, where?:
Amogh: Yes, just couple of days ago, in a Polish daily called Rzeczpospolita.

FD:Who is your favorite photographer, and why?:
Amogh: I only know the works of very few photographers; among them I admire Salgado, Bresson, Capa. Also, some photographers from Flickr that I know. 
Why: because of something inexpressibly beautiful in their images that could not be put in any other form.

FD:What inspires you to photograph?:
Amogh: People and light. The hope to find something I’ve never seen before. 
And that I possess such bad memory that I would forget the most beautiful things I see.

FD:Do you think photography is respected as it should be, compared to other forms of art such as painting?
Amogh: I’m not qualified to comment on that. I do find, however, a peculiarity here. Seeing is among the most basic functions in navigating through one’s life, and yet true visual prowess or vocabulary is relatively very rare. 
At the same time, a poet might use a fish for a poem, a composer may utilize the drone of an air-conditioner, a playwright would keep the ears open for scraps of random conversation, an artist could decide to paint a guitar in a unique way, and all of them might create something with no bearing to the source of these impressions… I mean that the act of observation might remain a mere starting point for the creative process. 
In contrast, a photographer dealing with similar instances might be expected to adhere to some kind of ‘truthfulness’ or present an ‘honest’ picture, which is somewhat arbitrary as a notion. 
And one learns to oversee the occasional inability of a viewer to discern the photographer’s intention from what they can only perceive as “photoshopping” or “contrast”. The irony remains that seeing itself stands in the way of the attainment of vision.

FD:I asked Amogh to pick a couple of his pictures that he wanted to share.

Amogh: Two photographs from last year’s monsoon. The most beautiful and difficult time of the year in Mumbai.

FD:and lastly.. what's the plan?:
Amogh: To find the eff in the ineffable. A different way of seeing. 
But as such there is no ‘plan’.

FD:..and here is more of his work.

I really want to thank Amogh for sharing his beautiful vision of Mumbai with us.

... if you want to see more go to his flickr photostream
... or his website

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