Ahmad Barber - Photographer - Found on Flickr

Ahmad Barber

I can tell you for sure that this guy is going places. He's really good and his work is ready to be seen. 
Ahmad Barber is one to watch and he was so kind to answer my questions and tell me a little bit about his work. So here you have him..... Ahmad Barber

Self portrait... doesn't he just look it? Fresh, young, photography talent?

Name: Ahmad Barber
Age:  20
Place:Detroit, Mi / Atlanta, GA

FD:So, when and how did you get into photography?:
Ahmad: I started taking pictures when I was 12 ( using my first digital camera ). I started seriously learning the art of photography when I was 16 ( When I received my first dslr.

FD:Have you ever had your work published?:
Ahmad: I have been published in school publications ( Morehouse College ).

FD:Who is your favorite photographer?:
Ahmad: I don't have [one] favorite photographer, I have a small list that I use as inspiration for different things.

FD:What inspires you to photograph?:

Ahmad: The uniqueness of perspective inspires me to photograph. Two photographers can stand in the same spot, with the same equipment, and take two completely different photographs of the same subject. I love the idea that your imagination truly drives the use of your lens as well. It is almost as if a photograph is the gateway to a person's soul.

FD:What do you think of the photo-overload all around, facebook, flickr etc. is photography suffocating in itself or is it blooming?

Ahmad: I honestly do believe there is a bit of photo-overload and that it is suffocating the photography industry. A lot of people feel that if you buy a camera, that qualifies you to be a photographer. But I believe there is a true difference between photographing and simply taking a picture.

I asked Ahmad to pick a couple of his photos and tell me a bit about them:
Thinker Revisited
This photo was inspired by the statue "The Thinker". I marvel at statues and think that it is amazing that an artist can take a block of material and mold it into an image of their imagination.
Fallen Soldier
This photo was taken one day while cleaning. I just couldn't get over the preservation of the bee. I found it very interesting that the bee was found on its wings, since in nature one would never see that.

FD:So, lastly Ahmad, what's the plan?:
Ahmad: My plan is to let my eye for art, attraction to detail, and endless imagination lead the way. I simply plan to be free within the world of photography. [ Though landing a position at Getty Images or National Geographic would be simply fantastic ] 

and here is some of his work. 
For more visit www.ahmadbarber.com
He's also on Twitter

A Night At The Office
On Top Of The World

Fashion Ad

Black Disguise


 ....yeah, I told you he was good!  Won't be long 'till you see him all over.


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